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Le Chateau
We work with advanced technology in the pursuit of our absolute ideal in winemaking, which we believe is essential for the expression of this exceptional terroir.
At every moment, the precious berries and juice are protected from damage or oxidation. We have selected high-quality stainless-steel vats with full temperature control, and each one corresponds perfectly to our six different parcels. This allows us to work with each separately, enabling each to fully reflect the qualities of its particular terroir, soils and grape variety

Fermentation and vatting

After a cold pre-fermentation (less than 10 degrees Celsius for three days to release the anthocyanins from the skins), the juice starts fermenting. Maceration of the juice with the skins and pips releases the colour, flavours, aromas and tannins, further helped by pumping over with a peristaltic pump. This advanced pump technology, originally developed for medical environments, is designed to handle delicate fluids without damage, and so the juice, skins and berries are gently crushed and mixed without risk of harsh extraction or bitter tannins.
Temperatures are carefully monitored throughout, and after the second (malolactic) fermentation, the wine is placed in barrels for maturation


Barrels are selected from a range of coopers from different regions so that each brings its own inherent flavours to the final blend. Different levels of barrel ‘toast’ also contribute their flavours and complexity.
Our aim is to respect the fruit and balance of the wine, so only a third of the barrels are renewed each year. The barrels are stored in a chai equipped with humidity and temperature control, which ensures optimal conditions for a slow maturation over 14 months before bottling and further maturation at the Château.


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