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Naturel Spa Éc(h)o

Spa É(ch)o au Naturel

SPA Écho du Château Léognan: the luxury and elegance of natural beauty!

A wellness area focused on nature, whatever the season. In a spirit reminiscent of Cap Ferret: grey cladding, natural materials, large canvases covering the place… The ec(h)o spa, a concept combining nature and elegance, far from the hustle and bustle of nearby Bordeaux, for a unique and atypical experience.

spa pour enfants


The first Spa Millésime with a lovely body and face care menu for children aged 6 to 12, allowing them to escape in this delightfully scented caramel, honey, strawberry vanilla, cotton candy and candy apple merry-go-round….


All the power and identity of the Atlantic coast on the Léognan Estate! Anti-ageing body and face care products that provide exceptional and immediate results thanks to the qualities of its active ingredients from the ocean, with strong antioxidant powers.


The power of vinotherapy and the Château Léognan terroir. Pure personalized extracts, developed around the realm of the grape, roots and earth to sublimate these soothing, relaxing, sporting or antioxidant getaways…


After several years of research and thanks to a scientific approach, Gemology extracts trace elements from minerals and integrates them into unique, natural and highly sensorial care formulas. Face and body massages are also given with Pink Quartz and Jade.

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